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Moses and Pharaoh in the Bible Quran and History (P/B)

Have You Discovered Its Real Beauty

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Did God Become Man? (P/B)

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The Search for the Truth (P/B)

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The Way to Salvation (P/B)

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A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam (P/B)

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Most Common Questions Asked By Non-Muslims, 3rd edition

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Choosing Faith (P/B)

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Christianity & Islam

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The Reality of Sufism In Light of the Quraan and Sunnah (P/B)

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Muhammad in the Hindu Scriptures (P/B)

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I Became a Muslim

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Beyond Mere Christianity (H/B)

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Islam is Your Birthright

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What Every Christian Should Know About Islam (P/B)

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COMBO 5 : RM29

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The Reality of Shi’ism (P/B)

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The Metamorphosis Of A Muslim

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Guidance to The Uncertain in Reply to The Jews and The Nazarenes (H/B)

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Why Women are Accepting Islam (H/B)

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The Bible The Quran and Science (P/B)

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Muslim-Christian Interactions: Past, Present & Future (H/B)

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What Did Jesus Really Say?

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Shi’ism Exposed (H/B)

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