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  1. Neighbour’s Rights According to the Sunnah and the Example of the Salaf : The rights of neighbors is a very important part of Islam. Over time, much may change in the physical surroundings in which we live, but human nature is the same as ever, and we still need guidance on how we should treat one another. Islam shows us how to deal with our fellow human beings—and our own neighbourhood is a good place to start.
  2. Grave Punishment & Blessings : Islam tells us what we can expect when we have finally make our exit from this world, we are also given ample guidance as to how we may best prepare ourselves and earn the rewards of Paradise in the Hereafter .In this book, Husayn Al Awayishah outlines the Islamic teaching on death and the grave . It is an essential reading for any Muslim who wants to know more about this topic from the authentic sources of Islam.
  3. Bid’ah: Understanding the Evil of Innovation : The author discusses society’s tendency to introduce innovations into religion, as proven by the fact that earlier divinely-revealed religions were corrupted by new rituals, new beliefs, or new methods of performing authentic rituals. The author describes the evil consequences of innovation in religion and explains how it can be prevented.
  4. Christian Muslim Dialogue : This book, has been widely used in calling Christians to embrace Islam. Christian-Muslim Dialogue is a result of Dr. Baagil’s study of Christianity and the Bible over a four year period. This work by Dr. Baagil, a dedicated Muslim, reflects his meticulous and painstaking effort to present his findings clearly, concisely and thoroughly. Dr. Baagil writes: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. This booklet has been written as the result of dialogues that I had with members of the Christian clergy and laity. The discussions were polite, pleasant, friendly, and constructive without the slightest intention of hurting the religious feeling of any Christian… [This book] is indispensable for those looking for the truth and those studying Comparative religion.
  5. The Silver Lining : The theme of this book is relief after hardship, describing, with evidence from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, why we are subject to trials and tribulations, and how, when adversity is at its worst, relief is near. If you have ever been stricken by calamity and wondered why it happens, this book has the answer.
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Abu Muntasir Ibn Mohar 'Ali, Ali Hasan Abdul Hameed, H.M Baagil, Husayn al-Awayishah, Sameh Strauch





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