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In ” My Letter to You’, Urfana has touched a wide variety of subjects pertaining to our daily lives. She has very gently pointed out the wide gap between our actions and what is expected of us by our Lord. Every in the bok invites thinking and self-analysis.

I myself was aware of most of the topics mentioned in the book but the way these were written had a strong impact on me and each evoked an intense feeling of contemplation and soul searching. “Where do I stand in this test? Do I meet the criteria set by my Creator?”

The entire book is a simplified version of our Deen. It teaches, preaches and tests its readers. Anyone who calls himself a Muslim will definitely pause and think whilst reading this bok especially its last segment “What I learnt from life” which is the gist and essence of the author’s experience and understanding of Islam.

My compliments to Urfana for doing “her bit” in the cause of Islam. Her writing is a gentle nudge to every human being who reads this book with an open heart and mind. This “nudge” will be sufficient to change the direction of many lives. If not that, it is sure to make people stop and reflect on their own lives. A must-read for every believer!

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