Unlocking the Secrets of DHUL-QARNAIN (AKHENATEN) and Yajouj and Majouj (Gog & Magog) (P/B)


Unlocking the secrets of Dhul – Qarnain ( Akhenaten ) and Yajouj and Majouj by Hamdi bin Hamza Al-Suraiseri Al-Juhani

Anyone read this book? I bought it recently and skimmed through it, seems very interesting. The way the guy writes though makes you want to beat him up, half the book is reiteration of points. He keeps repeating himself, over and over and over again.

Anyway, he argues that Dhul Qarnain is Akhenaten, that he abdicated in favor of his son Tutankhamen and then traveled the world. I don’t know how he gets there as it’s generally accepted that Akhenaten died and then his son took over, they apparently also did some DNA tests on a mummy and it showed that the mummy was Tutankhamen father. Looking at archeological evidence, i’m not sold on Dhul Qarnain being Akhenaten, although to be fair I haven’t really studied his evidence.

What i found really interested though was his explanation of Yajuj and Majuj, he says that the exact phrase, down the the exact pronunciation is a Mandarin phrase which means “The continent of Asia, the continent of the horse.”. And that is AMAZING. He also finds some rampart in the Xinjiang province which he claims is the barrier Dhul Qarnain built, didn’t really study his evidence.

Regarding the place where he found the sun setting in a muddy lake, he says that is Maldives. I didn’t bother reading the proof he presented for it either.

His conclusion was also very, very interesting, he identifies the people of Yajujj and Majujj by their traits and explains how they’ve come out in the past (as the mongols [essentially the pastoral nomadic peoples of the asian steppes which would include the Scythian]) and how they (people identified by the yajjuj and majujj traits) will come out in the future.

Bottom line, I find his explanation of Yajjuj and Majooj to be the most coherent and rational one I’ve read or heard. If anyone here had the patience to go through this most atrociously written book, please let me know what you thought of it.

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