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A Mini Guide to Accounting for Islamic Financial Products – A Primer (Pocket size) (P/B)

RM40.00 RM32.00

A Reminder on the Evils of Ribaa – Its Essence, Forms and Harms (2nd Edition)

RM11.00 RM7.70

Business Dealings By Installments (P/B)

RM20.00 RM16.00

COMBO 4 : RM25

RM42.00 RM25.00

Contemporary Issues In Islamic Communication

RM37.00 RM29.60

Epistemological Integration Essentials of an Islamic Methodology

RM132.00 RM105.60

Islam and Management

RM50.00 RM40.00

Islam, People and Governance

RM25.00 RM20.00

Islamic Capital Markets: Principles and Practices (P/B)

RM180.00 RM144.00

Islamic Law of Business Organization Partnerships (P/B)

RM57.00 RM45.60

Issues In Islamic Management Theories and Practices (P/B)

RM77.00 RM61.60

Leadership: An Islamic Perspective

RM80.00 RM64.00

Manufacturing of Halal Pharmaceuticals (P/B)

RM70.00 RM56.00

Muhammad SAW: 11 Leadership Qualities that Changed the World

RM95.00 RM76.00

Muhammad The Ultimate Leader: From Western Business Perspective

RM45.00 RM30.60

Nurturing a Balanced Person: The Leadership Challenge

RM40.00 RM32.00

Real Money: Money and Payment Systems from an Islamic Perpective (P/B)

RM67.00 RM53.60

Riba: Usury or Interest

RM9.00 RM7.20

Secrets Of Leadership And Influence (P/B)

RM29.00 RM20.30

The Book of Insight Into Commerce

RM38.00 RM30.40

The Higher Objectives of Humanity

RM45.00 RM36.00

The Indicator to the Virtues of Commerce

RM42.00 RM33.60

The Strategic Leadership Fundamentals for Schools

RM56.00 RM44.80

Your Money Matters (H/B)

RM40.00 RM32.00