Let’s Think About Allah’s Great Garden


The Let’s Think About… series will grab the attention of young inquisitive minds with their vibrant colours and easy to read format.

In Let’s Think About…Allah’s Great Garden, children are shown how Allah’s plan is perfect, just enough sun and rain to make a small seed grow into the largest tree, or the most beautiful of flowers.

Plants and fruits to feed us, to clothe us and to shade us from the sun. Allah’s Great Garden provides everything for us to live on earth.

So next time you see a big tree, remember once it was a small, small seed and only through Allah’s grace and majesty did it grow to what it is today.

Ma Sha Allah.

The notes to teachers and parents section provides a list of points to consider and questions to ask as you read along. This allows for the young readers to receive the maximum benefit from the books, whilst enjoying them.

There are four books in the series.

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