Travelling towards Eternity (P/B)


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi said, I will demonstrate to the world that the Qur’an is a spiritual sun that shall never set and shall never be extinguished. Thus his voluminous work which is often used to discredit religion and Said Nursi invites his readers to reflect on the world around. This book contains selections from the Risal-e-Nur Collection. In colour. (publishers description). Also, the supreme importance given to man, who in a brief span performs infinite duties, has been equiped with abilities and faculties which suggest he is to live for all eternity, and has disposal over all the beings of the earth, and the infinite outlay made for him in this training ground of the world, this temporary military encampment of the earth, this transient exhibition; and the boundless manifestation of dominicality, innumerable Divine address, and incalculable Divine gifts, which look to him, surely cannot be contained in this fleeting, sorry, confused life, this transitory world so full of tribulation. Since they could be only for another, eternal, life and an everlasting abode of bliss, they point to, even testify to, the bestowals of the hereafter in the everlasting realm.

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