Then and Now. Food in the Time of the Prophet and Food Now


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In spite of having more doctors, more hospitals, more health food, more supplements, more nutritionists telling us what to eat, more diet food, more medicine, more everything, we are struggling with our health more than ever. We are getting sicker. SubhanAllah. 

We all have family or friends with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

We hear of new cases of cancer in our community all the time, and they are increasing.

At the root of so many of these illnesses is our food. Corruption and deception in the food industry and manipulative marketing that aims to get us to buy more and eat more. And more.  

Taking a look at just how much food has changed since the time of Prophet ﷺ certainly provides a clear picture of what is going on.

The good news is that, once we know, we are in a powerful position to make changes, armed with knowledge, that will help us make better choices for the sake of Allah that increase our health, give us back our energy and reduce the risk of food-related illness for ourselves, our loved ones and generations to come.

‘Organic’ Labeling is a Modern Phenomenon That Did Now Exist in the Time of the Prophet ﷺ 

It goes without saying that, in the time of the Prophet ﷺ, there was no need to differentiate between organic and commercially produced food, as all food was ‘organic’.

It is only with the advent of commercial food production that we have come to need the organic label to know what has been produced naturally and what hasn’t.

In the time that has passed since then, numerous changes have occurred, leaving modern-day foods similar to their predecessors merely in name.

Let’s take a closer look at just how different food is from food in the time of the Prophet! ﷺ  

As you can see, the difference is clear.

So much of the food we are eating is contributing to our low energy, low mood (yes food affects mood too), our health and wellbeing, our ability to be the best version of ourselves and show up as the best version of ourselves for others, our ability to worship Allah to the best of our ability.

Change is in the air. Change is already here as our communities are starting to say ‘No’ to food that makes us sick and we take back control of our health and choices for the sake of Allah! Alhamdullilah! 

The best time to start making healthy changes might have been when we were kids….but the the second best time is today!

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